5 things to do in Minalungao National Park

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A stress-free haven in Central Luzon

My hometown, Nueva Ecija is known as the center of rice production in the Philippines, but this place is also packed with enchanting places yet to be discovered.

One of the amazing places in this province is the Minalungao National Park. Located in the municipality of General Tinio is Sitio Minalungao, now considered as one of the main destinations in Central Luzon, known for its fresh water river bordered by limestone walls along the foothill of Sierra Madre mountain range. A stress-free haven in Central Luzon

The absence for cellular signal in the place will surely make you enjoy your stay and be more connected with nature, no distractions, just you (and your family or friends) and the amazing atmosphere of the place.

This place is more that just the astounding view, it offers various fun activities we surely enjoyed during our trip. Here's the 5 things to do in Minalungao National Park.

1. Bamboo Rafting.
Ranges from P100 - 600, depending on the size of bamboo raft.

What I would recommend for big group is the Bamboo Raft Cottage, it can accommodate a group of 5-9 members (depending on the weight.) It will serve as your moving cottage.

2. Fresh water swimming
Ahhhhh, nothing like dip in fresh water this summer. The river flows continuously enough to keep it clear and clean. I really admire the cleanliness of the water and the place.

Canon ball! This part of the river is the deepest part, the one featured on Jessica Soho. Just be extra careful and avoid dangerous stunt and unnecessary flips.

3. Zipline
For only PHP50, you will enjoy ziplining for you'll have a clearer sight of the bordering limestones and the river. You just have to deal with the crowd of people below you, who will see your reaction during the slide.

4. Cave exploring

I do not know anything about caves, but noticeably moderate cool wind is present inside, far from what we've expecting.

The cave is said to be the hide out of some Filipinos during the time of the Japanese. Some even say that gold is hidden deep within, and that the cave extends up to San Miguel Bulacan. Creepy yet exciting. 

5. Trekking and Mountain climbing

Get your cardio ready for 1000 steps hike to the Giant Cross.

On the top of this mountain lies a Giant Glass Cross. 

Minalungao National Park is a cheap destination for summer, for only PHP20 entrance fee, you'll get a glimpse of this wonderful place. 

Here's the 5 things to do in Minalungao National Park
1. Bamboo Rafting
2. Fresh Water Swimming
3. Ziplining
4. Cave Exploring
5. Trekking and Mountain Climbing

See you in my next adventure!

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  1. I never knew there was a place like this hidden in Nueva Ecija. It's not exactly published as a tourist destination, which is good coz it's not so populated. I would definitely want to go trekking there. It's beautiful.

    Stay Wonderful Always,
    Kintsugi of Life

    PS. I have my very first giveaway on my blog. Hope you can join.

  2. omg, ang ganda pala sa nueva ecija!
    I hate crowded destination, gusto ko to. Superrr..

  3. Woah!! Sana next time makasama ako jan! :)



  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience in Minalungao. Its discovery by many people from various provinces in the Philippines through social media will erase the impression, "Nueva Ecija has nothing to offer but rice fields."

    1. "Nueva Ecija is more than just rice fields" I like that.

      Glad you enjoyed reading. See you on my next adventures in Nueva Ecija. 😊